The Dutch Association for feed specialties (VDDN) is established on 1 January 2016, a combination of three trade associations, namely Dufagro, Fagrovet and Nefato. In 2015, these three organizations have joined forces to represent their interests in the Netherlands. Dufagro was founded in 2004 by a group of distributors of feed additives. The members are mostly entrepreneurs, who supply their products to the animal feed industry in North West Europe. By working together, these entrepreneurs could make their voices heard at the Ministry, the NVWA, GMP + International and the former Dutch “Productschap Diervoeder (PDV).

Fagrovet was founded in 1976. Originally the members were manufacturers and distributors of veterinary medicinal products, that were allowed to be sold without the intervention of a veterinarian. Many changes in legislation led to the fact that more members are focusing on complementary feeds and biocides. Many of these products are directly supplied or through local distributors to livestock farms.

Nefato was founded in 1967 by Dutch manufacturers and importers of additives for the animal feed industry. By the European unification the advocacy further moved to Europe. Since 2005, Nefato is the Dutch platform of FEFANA in Brussels. FEFANA represents the interests of manufacturers and importers of additives for the animal feed legislation and registration of additives in Europe.