The Dutch Association for feed specialties (VDDN) is the Trade Association for manufacturers, importers and suppliers of animal feed specialties in the Netherlands. The members produce or supply feed additives, balanced animal nutrition, special feeds and related products. With these products the members and the VDDN want to contribute to a sustainable and healthy livestock.

The members meet each other at the VDDN. This Association represents their members on governmental, legislative and regulatory level with regard to the animal feed industry and the feed chain. In addition, the Association shall seek an unconditional acceptance of the products of our members in the animal production chain.

The animal feed specialties and the animal health products for which the VDDN stands for, includes the following products:

  • Feed Additives
  • Functional feeds
  • Complementary feedingstuff
  • Premixtures
  • Biocides for livestock
  • Free available veterinary medicines (without a veterinary prescription)